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Association of Special Educators & Allied Professionals (ASEAP) is a national level association that seeks to meet a critical need for Indian Special Education teachers and allied professionals. It was set up to improve the delivery of education services to persons with special educational needs arising from disabilities with particular emphasis on children aiming for their all round development. It was established as a professional organization for all Special Educators and allied professionals who had no professional organization to call their own.

ASEAP consists of a group of eminent and dedicated people who have vast experiences in their respective fields. It includes educationists, special educators, counsellors, psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, teachers, health care providers, social workers, family members and those associated with related field.

It is a national membership organization dedicated to rendering all possible support and assistance to those preparing for or teaching in the field of special education or allied fields. ASEAP was founded to promote the profession of special education teachers and to provide a national forum for their ideas, growth and development .In a short span of time ASEAP consists of 1000 members across the country and the number is increasing day by day.

Our Aims & Objective

  • To provide an appropriate educational program and as necessary, related services for each child with a disability requiring special education, from age three through following years
  • To create awareness and sensitization about education of children with special needs
  • To work for the professional development of special educators & allied professionals
  • To carry out research in the field of Special Education and Allied Fields (Psychology, Guidance & Counseling, Therapies, etc.)
  • To provide appropriate and related services to students with disabilities or any other needs as needed
  • To provide appropriate vocational services to students with disabilities
  • To publish newsletters/bulletins/manuals/handbook of information related to special education and allied fields
  • To create a national level data base of all Special Educators and allied professionals.
  • To create a platform for employability of special educators by developing a national employment exchange
  • Opening of Integrated Child Development Centers in schools
  • To work for the development and promotion of special education, Guidance and Counseling and Psychology as a subject.

  • Providing training and Internships for Special Educators & Allied Professionals
  • Providing continuing education by collaborating with Universities which are recognized by UGC and RCI to open study centers for Special Education/Psychology/Guidance & Counseling courses.
  • To arrange for exchange programs (National/International) for sharing and getting exposure to best practices
  • To promote growth in all students through the integration of academic, psychological, physical, and social learning
  • To break the myths, misconceptions and stigmas attached with the field of special education and allied service
  • To work collaboratively with other educational organizations for worldwide promotion of the interests of individuals with special needs and allied fields.
  • To carry out work in the field of Career Development
  • To award professionals who have given significant contribution to the above mentioned fields.
  • To develop strategic alliance with all stake holders to enhance inclusivity among schools.
  • To work for creating employability for special needs and disabled people

Our Skills

Awareness & Sensitization

60% 60% Complete

Conferences / Seminars / Workshops

80% 60% Complete

Internship / Training / Employment

90% 60% Complete

Certification / Awards

100% 60% Complete

Our Events

National consultation on Inclusive Education - 24th Sept.
Golden codilatrol Road Trip on awareness and sensitisation of Special needs and disability - 25th Dec.

Our Team

Dr. Ruchi Seth
Dr. Ruchi Seth President

Ms. Rachna Pandit
Ms. Rachna Pandit Vice President

Mr. Hector Ravinder Dutt
Mr. Hector Ravinder Dutt General Secretary

Dr. Roma Kumar
Dr. Roma Kumar Joint Secretary

Tushar Bhalero
Tushar Bhalero President | Special Education Wing

Jayanti Bhai P.
Jayanti Bhai P. Vice President | Special Education

Jagdish Bhai Gadhavi
Jagdish Bhai Gadhavi Secretary | Special Needs Wing

Shivanshu Kumar Shukla
Shivanshu Kumar Shukla Joint Secretary | Special Education Wing

Dr. Shalini Prasad
Dr. Shalini Prasad Editorial Board | Psychology

Vitihika Rahul
Vitihika Rahul Editorial Board | Counseling

Anupama Bakshi
Anupama Bakshi Editorial Board | Special Needs

Nandini Ajay Kumar
Nandini Ajay Kumar National Coordinator

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